Breast Lift Persuasive Essay

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Breast Implants + Breast Lifts: Are They Always Better Together? Women who are thinking of getting breast augmentation surgery might get a recommendation for two different procedures. Their surgeon might think that implants paired with a breast lift will yield the right results. These two procedures are frequently done together, though some women might find the best choice for them is one or the other. Deciding which surgery to get is based on what you want your end result to be and what your surgeon thinks is the best, safest way to achieve that result. Lifting Alone Breast lifts are now twice as popular as implants. Since 2000, this type of surgery has grown by 70%.* This is often because many women don’t wish for larger breasts, but simply want to…show more content…
Lifting will not significantly change the size of your breasts, though by lifting, they will have a fuller appearance. It can also reduce the size of your areolas. This procedure is the ideal treatment for more severe forms of ptosis, which is sagging of the breast tissue, though it is not ideal if you want significantly larger breasts. For that, most women choose implants. Simple Implants Implant surgery will significantly change the size of your breasts. The doctor will make recommendations based on your size and frame to find the right implant size for you. The implants are filled with silicone gel or saline, in order to give the most natural feel and appearance. While implants might help in cases of mild ptosis, they will not correct moderate to severe ptosis. In fact, if the ptosis is severe, implants can actually make it worse, because the weight of the breast tissue is increased, which will result in more drooping over time. If the doctor thinks the risk of ptosis is severe, they will often recommend a breast lift and breast implants
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