Breast Milk Movie Analysis

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The physical development occurs when body, proportions, appearance, functioning of body systems, perceptual and motor capacities, and physical health starts changing. One of the example of this was, when Ponijao’s mother carried him in a sling whilst she was searching for some food. It provided close physical contact and a rich variety of stimulation. Another example of physical development was that all four of the babies were breastfed. All of the babies in the film were very well nurtured. Breast milk is ideally suited to infants growth needs. There are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding protects against disease and prevents malnutrition and infant death in poverty stricken areas of the world. Another example was when Bayar…show more content…
Ponijao seemed to be very happy with his surroundings as he runs all around his house. He had a lot of interactions with other people in his community also with his siblings. Erikson believes in “Basic trust versus mistrust: From warm, responsive care, infants gain a sense of trust that the world is good. Mistrust occurs if infants are neglected or handled harshly” (Berk & Meyers, 2016, p.16). When Ponijao was playing with his siblings, his brother took away something from him and he started crying, which shows that he is dealing with the emotions such as being sad and angry. Then all the siblings started to hit each other which shows that they’re responding to each other’s emotions. On the other hand, Bayar was alone most of the time so he barely had any interaction with his parents. Due to lack of the connection between a mother and son, Bayar wasn’t able to interact with his mother as other babies did in the film. So this might be a reason why Bayar gets upset when his mother tries to breastfeed him. Bayar often get mad when his mother is trying to breastfeed him which shows the mistrust between his mom and him. He also cried many times in the film, when he was alone because he had no one to comfort him. And as a result it some aggression. Sometimes when he is with
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