Breast Milky: Music Analysis

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Theme B (section B);

4.16 modulacije

This second section is known as Breast Milky (2:55-5:26). The theme is a complete contrast to the section A because while the melody in section A is loud and playful the melody in theme B is calm and peaceful.

The section B is shaped in a form called sonata.

The section starts with cellos’ solo accompanied by the hammond organ.
The music has again a romantic “allurg”, which is the characteristic of progressive rock music of XXth century.

Cellos' solo is quite specific. In the first part of the solo while the melody is climbing up the arsis are used. At the climax the melody is starting to go. While the melody is going down the thesis are used. This part is completely balanced because it takes exactly
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The theme is written in E minor key as well. In this part the influence of pop music and New Baroque can be seen. HOW? ===========

After a while drums are added as a variation to a new created melody. The second variation is induced by the electric guitar. The melody of expressive guitar’s solo is written in minor key, and the consequence of that is melancholic feeling in the song because of the *sad notes* which are used. After the solo the orchestration is getting bigger because the brass and piano are added in order to prepare a new transition. The counterpoint is done by the trombones and that leads to a transition. While the piano creates the counter melody, the voices are starting to be heard in the background.

Music is gradually abating leaving the elements from introduction behind, therefore we are recalling the general theme where the harmony was strong standing and the tempo was moderated. The theme ends with a slow organ’s harmonic riff which also represents the beginning of the third theme.

Theme C (section C); kao crkveno pjevanje 3 refrena mezzo,sopr,alt,tenor,bass

The third section is known as Mother Fore
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