Breast Persuasive Essay

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Women 's breasts begin to grow from the onset of puberty until full physical development. Generally the same size will depend primarily on the genetics of each person although there are important aspects such as age, weight and muscle mass of women.

Many women lose weight after many pounds after pregnancy or breast-feeding after a period of suffering a major transformation in their breasts become flabby and fallen, losing its firmness and volume.

In some publications it is stated that it is possible to stimulate growth achieving higher volume and an increase in breast size naturally, which is one of the greatest desires of women with small breasts. Breasts are composed of a glandular tissue and fat located above the pectoral muscle so that
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This exercise should be started without weight and when arms are toning can add some weight with a can or a bottle of water.

Weight training

Girl stretches weightless
There are several exercises with weights to strengthen the pectoral and the easiest to implement are as follows. These exercises with weights should not be done with a lot of weight and must not increase the reps too because if you exert your body will begin to consume stored fat and can take her chest, so you could lose volume. Also, if too much weight is used you can run the risk of tearing the muscle.

Standing exercises:

Separating a little legs and arms at the sides of the body should be slowly up to shoulder height and then lower them slowly to the hip height but without touching or lean on it. The back should always be straight to avoid damage. The two arms are raised and lowered at the same time, always without haste, slowly, starting with 15 reps and up each week to reach at least 25 repetitions. You can also increase the weight
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