Breast Saggier Research Paper

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Yes of course. There is evidence that bras over time actually make breast saggier. Going without a bra stimulates the production of collagen and elastin because the blood flow is not reduced, as it can be with a bra. The constant pull from gravity signals production of collagen and elastin as well. It 's the bodies defense. When there is sufficient circulation your lymphatic system can do its job, removing waste and making breast healthier. Many people complain of back problems from heavy breast, but bras are often the issue. In a way it causes atrophy of the muscles. like when you wear casts after a bone break, and the area that was not in use has no muscle strength. Think about it like this…your breast are a certain weight, constantly countering the weight naturally will give your muscular system the strength to accommodate them. When you see documentaries with fairly youthful women that have incredibly saggy breast it is not from lack of support, it 's from having children young and breast feeding for long durations of time. From personal experience I can say that not wearing a bra has been a positive. I am a 30DDD, a fairly uncommon size. It sounds massive, but is actually the same cup size as a 34D or a 36C. I just happen to have a…show more content…
Whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should do. I don 't understand why society puts such an emphasis on covering breast. Bras give unrealistic expectations of what breast are supposed to look like anyways. They are these physical features that literally stick off of the body right under our faces and we are expected to keep them perfectly hidden. It 's kind of not fair, and maybe people should just not look if they have an issue with it. Hmm what is more offensive, not having 100% stationary breast, or someone sexualizing/judging a woman because of a bit of jiggle?Basically, if you want to wear a bra you should. If you don 't want to wear one then don 't. People can mind their own damn business if they have a problem
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