Breastfeed In Public

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Breastfeeding is the practice of feeding babies naturally in a public place or semi-public place in open view of others. In many western countries, women have an express legal right to nurse in public and in the workplace. A few countries, expressively forbid women to expose their breasts in public, even to breastfeed.Breastfeeding in public should be universally accepted because breastfeeding is natural, lots of people do it, and many countries accept it. This is what other countries say about women breastfeeding in public.
Australia, Women are allowed to breastfeed in public. According to section 7AA of the Sex Discrimination Act 19. Why is breastfeeding in public not acceptable in public? Most people don’t mind when a mother breastfeeds
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Many people are always judging and criticizing women because they don’t like when someone breastfeeds in public. A mom in Beverly Hills says she was escorted to a bathroom at an anthropologie store when she was breastfeeding her six-week-old-baby. Outraged, she took to social media and less than a day later more than 100 women staged a “nurse-in” at the store to protest (Kelly Mom). Let’s hear about the women in Beaverton, Oregon. Beaverton, Oregon, was the site of another recent “nurse-in” after a breastfeeding mom was to cover up in a restaurant. In both cases, reaction was decidedly mixed. There were plenty who were as furious as the breastfeeding mothers and pointed to California and Oregon laws, which allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location with the exception of someone else’s private home, but there were also plenty of voices in the anti-breastfeeding-in-public camp (Huffington Post). While women all of the world get criticised for breastfeeding in public, celebrities get praised for showing their breast out in the public. Why at a time when celebrities bare nearly all and are celebrated for it, do we as a society still seem so put off by a woman using her breasts for what they were made for? Many times you will see more ‘cleavage’ in the name of fashion than you ever would from a mom feeding her child. This is strictly about why the sight of public breastfeeding still makes people squeamish and what it will take to make breastfeeding in public as welcome as giving a baby a bottle (Celebrity Gossip). Now that all the problems have been addressed, hopefully people all around the world finally realize that breastfeeding in public is okay as long as the women covered up her breast. People would understand when women cover up their breast while they breastfeed their baby and when they don’t cover up their breast they better be prepared for some harsh
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