Breastfeeding In Public

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Breastfeeding has been the way to feed babies for centuries. Before formula was created breastfeeding was the only option of food for babies. Breast milk is also the healthiest choice for babies. Formula only has a small percentage of nutrients included in breast milk. Formula is made with cow’s milk which is harder for babies to digest and creates digestive health problems. Why is breastfeeding in public such a problem to the nursing mother and those around her? The public expresses how breastfeeding in public is offensive. Some people say how nursing mothers should stop being disgusting, feed their baby in the bathroom, or just stay at home if they are going to breastfeed. These kinds of comments are discouraging to nursing mothers…show more content…
This will help make breastfeeding in public easier and less stressful for myself and my baby. The research explains how mothers must worry about what people around them think about their choices to breastfeed in public and figure out how to successfully breastfeed their babies without being a disturbance to others. I believe that everyone can have their own opinion, but when a mother is feeding her baby in public and they want to verbally attack that mother, something needs to be done about it. I also believe that nursing mothers, if they choose to breastfeed in public, should do so with respect to those around her. Rather than just exposing herself while feeding the baby, she could instead use a nursing cover. Nursing mothers could use the option to find a more secluded place like a nursing room to breastfeed in. Public places that allow breastfeeding in their environment should be required to provide nursing rooms for mothers breastfeeding in public because not only is it embarrassing to the public, it is also sometimes embarrassing to a mother. If a mother becomes embarrassed from the public for breastfeeding, she may be discouraged to breastfeed her baby at
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