Breastfeeding Persuasive Speech

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There are many women in the world still being ignored today everywhere. There are unjust actions in court, in public, in homes, and many other places. Women need to be recognized as good mothers and strong figures in the public. We need to bring the importance of their love to breastfeed their children, raise them, and to give birth to them. They also have done many goodness for societies all around the world as leaders and volunteers to help the community they belong in. Yet there are people getting horrible treatments in court and public for breastfeeding. It has gotten to the point where breastfeeding was being regularly asked to stop in courts to give more child custody to the father, equal custody. (Which is not caring about the health…show more content…
With that argument, how come women can't breastfeed with her body to care for her children? How come women are okay to sell their bodies and sometimes become too extreme for the public to see, but one cannot breastfeed for the welfare of her baby she loves and cares for? I would like to point out that all men and women are important but this issue is certainly taking the rights of women and mothers who gave birth to us and raised us at least some time in our lives. We need to help them be recognized again until they are not hurt or discriminated just because they don't fit to what ignorant or desirous young or old, and immature people stop having to spit out what they think to the woman who may be going through some hardship after giving birth. It is likely that women get depression after pregnancy and birth, it is common. We don't know what they are going through. Therefore, for some appreciation to women we know and love, we need to learn some manners to show to the society we belong in so we are not disrupting in any way. To help the society grow in peace and help anybody and everybody in the best of our ability. Also to be thoughtful and respectful to all men in justice and
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