Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding Research Paper

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Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding When a woman first learns the exciting news of being with child many thoughts run through her mind. Will it be a boy or girl? What if I am having twins? What will his/her room look like? What will his/her name be? What will he/she eat? One of the most important decision a mother must make is rather she will breast feed or formula feed her baby. With that said, there are multiple reasons why a mother should breastfeed. One of the main reasons is the bonding time that will be spent with her baby. Everyone needs that special bond with their mother. However, if the mother decides to formula feed that allows someone else to get to feed and bond with the baby, perhaps the father. Another reason a mother should breastfeed is because it can benefit mom and the baby. The hormone that…show more content…
Since breast milk is made from the mother it is free of charge. Formula ranges in price due to different brands but can get very expensive. Not all mothers are comfortable with breastfeeding so they opt to buy formula. Breast milk however is the more convenient of the two because it is always warm and already made and ready for baby at any time. Therefore, if a mother formula feeds she will also have to buy bottles, nipples, and cleaning supplies for the bottles; making the price of formula feeding go up more. With breastfeeding the only other necessity would be breast pads. Breastfeeding is the healthier option although sometimes formula can be. Breast milk contains natural antibodies that cannot be placed in formula. These antibodies help to fight off infections. It also contains the nutrients the baby needs which can prevent obesity, asthma, ear infections, and more. However, if the mother does not eat right formula is better because it is made with the exact amount of nutrients. If the mother does decide to breastfeed, it lowers her changes of ovarian cancer and breast

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