Breece D J. Pancake

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Murder, never a good thing but always interesting. Breece D 'J. Pancake scares, shocks, and leaves our mouths gaping after the intense and frightening tale “Time and Again”.This story, though short, has left an overwhelming amount of questions unanswered; a specialty of Mr. Pancake. Three seemingly unrelated objects in Breece D 'J Pancake 's “Time and again” come together with the aid of a sadistic killer; a simple yet effective wrench, a fleet of hogs, and a brutal winter. Objects from such a varied background normally do not come together, however this story begs to differ when placed in the hand of one of the most ruthless killers in the west virginia area. Why do they connect? This killer is really, a huge coward. First, what is the purpose behind the Narrator 's lug wrench? The Narrator creepily asserts “I heft…show more content…
Next, The Narrator is keen to emphasise to the hitchhiker “Hogs die hard.” Most murders would not carry such compassion toward a typicaly vulgar and horrid animal; however this man is a clear sympathiser for what seems to be only his hogs. Outside reasoning, the hitchhiker, challenges the Narrator by asserting “Never noticed, Shot and stuck them pretty quick, do right smart jerkin around but there dead by then;” the Narrator, awestruck by the now seemingly rude hitchhiker restated his original comment “Hogs die hard.” This momentary outburst from the hitchhiker shows how the man is set into believing how tough these animals of his are; even though they may not actually be tough at all. This book even hints that the hogs are nothing but symbolism for the man himself being a hog, to which stands to reason that the man believes he is much tougher than he actually is. With this we can tell that the aging Narrator is nothing more than an powerless and uncertain old man with a god complex surrounding the idea that there 's nothing more in life than making sure his hogs are happy; and proving to others that their value is more than a simple piece of
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