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Everyone has a connection to home, whatever that home may be. They may not realize what that home is, but they’ll find it eventually. Having said that, what happens when that home is ripped away, by no one other than the characters themselves? In the spine chilling novel, Breed written by Chase Novak, grade schooler Adam Twisden, decides to tear himself and his twin sister, Alice, away from their parents by exiling himself willingly from his “safe place” despite the opinions of others to not do so. Adam and Alice were later separated, and their experiences of the outside world they have been alienated from displays their act of cutting ties. They experience the lifestyles of almost countless people they meet, to the region they lived in but have yet to discover, and the eerie choices that were made before them. …show more content…

Clues are scattered, leaving the small boy to pick them up.His parents were terrified of giving him and his sister exposure to society, displaying how outcast the they were. The siblings have been kept away by other children their age, people around them, and even the very city they live in. Realizing his parents could be literal, cannibalistic, monsters, Adam runs away, sister in hand. From the point on, the strings connecting the siblings to family start to fray. It may be commonly thought that cutting ties from home alienates you, but, the siblings were certainly alienated from the start. A desire to escape displays that fact. By running away, the world is opened to them. Adam and Alice no longer have eyes watching them almost every second, from the moment they are let out of their locked rooms as if they were prisoners. This newly gained freedom offers their involvement in the place of society whether it be as simple to talking to the children who were also in a similar scenario as them to interacting to a

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