Breeding License

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What comes to mind when one hears the word, breeding, most would think it is associated to the idea of animals in captivity or the common household pet, like that of a dog at a breeders, where one might receive the family dog from. This same idea is being contemplated with the human race, where people should receive breeding licenses before they can procreate and have family of their own. Most people can have children naturally but some may not be able to and those that cannot naturally have a more difficult time adopting a child. Two articles “Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed” by Hank Pellissier and “Sir, Could I See Your Breeding License?” by Kyle Munkittrick examines the depth of which you would be able to receive a breeding…show more content…
This article is found on Science for the Curious Discover website in a form of a blog much like “Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed” by Hank Pellissier. Munkittrick is defiantly not thinking radically or jumping to vast diction that most people know. Instead he compares to getting a breeding license to that of gtting ones driver license, where ou have to be able to do the tasks but you do not have to be this perfect human being. Munkittrick states, “You had to be able to merge into traffic, parallel park, and negotiate a four way stop; by the same logic, every child deserves a minimally competent parent”(Munkittrick 2). What he is trying to say is that you must have the potential to be a great parent. Also, he states in his article, “sci-fi classics, all place the symbolic future in the hands of either children or a specific child. If children are our “future” then who gets to have and raise children in the future will probably be pretty important” (Munkittrick 2). The idea of having children being the future generation and this super race has been projected in sci-fi movies over the past few years. The prodigal children are the main symbol of the movie such as the sci-fi film Ender’s game, a young boy is called in to be this great force because his mind works differently and he is able to stop a great war. Children should have the best odds at life because they are the ones that will carry the planet for the next generations to
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