Brendan Dassey Trial In Jerican Mckinsey's

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Manitowoc County did not abide by the law on the Brendan Dassey murder trial. Investigators pulled Brendan Dassey out of class to question him without his parent 's consent. Investigators coerced Brendan´s statements to make Steven Avery look guilty. Manitowoc County District Attorney Ken Kratz did everything in his power to make Manitowoc County seem like they were abiding by the law when they really did not. “He said I declined to go in with Brendan but I wanted to go in with Brendan, the police wouldn 't let me." Investigators pulled Brendan Dassey out of class to question him without his parent 's permission. In the US if you do anything with a minor you have to have parental/guardian consent you want to take their picture at a public event a waiver has to get signed if you want to quote them and an article about something they 're doing someone has to approve it Brendan does his mother had absolutely no idea some of the questions he was being asked by investigators because they had…show more content…
Being that the brand and the sea trial an investigation was in the early 2000 's there were video cameras recording each and every question in session one of those videos was four hours long, after both lawyers and attorneys from both sides discussing with the judge the judge ruled that only the first three hours of the tapes would be shown in court as evidence. This is very important because the last hour and half of the tape held the investigators not abiding by the law. During the trial of friend and see the district attorney Ken Kratz was a very short was rather rude in presenting his questions and evidence against Brendan Dassey. Some people believe that since Dassey was an alleged accomplice to an extremely heinous crime that the state/county of Manitowoc County Wisconsin forgot that he was still 16 because they were trying him as
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