Brenna Intervention

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Working with families or individual persons can be very tricky if there are multiple problems involved. It is not only defining what the problems are but also what interventions can be put in place to help them. By offering interventions to the client we are trying to give them the opportunity to use the best resources that are available to them in the community. This can include anything from Alcoholics Anonymous to pregnancy support; there are many different types of support networks in communities it is just finding the right one that fits with the problem at hand. After reading the story about Brenna, I realized that she is faced with many issues in her life. Brenna is 18-years old and pregnant with a child that the boyfriend, Cameron,…show more content…
As far as the birth to three classes, I feel these would be really important since she is a young mother to concentrate on healthy eating for the child, nap schedules, and general raising a child basics. Brenna really has not had any type of a support system through this whole process and I feel that having someone show her how to properly raise a child would only benefit her. Another intervention that I feel would be useful would be showing support and resources to Brenna in regards to continuing some education. In the long run this would benefit Brenna by getting her a better job so she could be self-sufficient. Finding some employment for Brenna would also be a good step in making her self-sufficient for her and her child. By working, Brenna will understand what it takes to raise a child on her own and everything that is involved in being a single parent. Lastly, I would work with Brenna and see if she would be interested in rekindling her relationship with her mother. At this time in Brenna’s she could really benefit from support from her mother. The interventions that I have set up for Brenna should help her be more independent in being a single mother and also try to find her…show more content…
According to Kirsten -Ashman and Hull (2015), “There may be value in acknowledging the differences in culture and experiences between you and your clients” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2015, p. 461). It is important as Brenna’s social worker to take into account that her culture when deciding on any interventions. When setting up the birth to three classes for Brenna this would be on an individual basis. I would work with the county and the birth to three departments and set up meeting times that would both work for Brenna and the department. In working on Brenna’s continuing education this is something that could be worked on in an individual basis or there may be groups in the local community that would help single mothers continue their education. Brenna would also benefit by looking for employment, this type of intervention would be best on an individual setting, with her and I brainstorming on places to work and filling out applications that best meet her needs. Lastly, if Brenna would choose to rekindle her relationship with her mother, I would choose to work with her independently to talk about the issues that she has faced but I would also refer her to a group that could be of benefit to her. Within her group, I would it be a support group for children that are trying to rekindle that relationship with their parents and their emotions that they are feeling in
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