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On a jet-black night, there was a white woman who was well dressed and looked early 20s. She was on an abandoned street in Hyde Park. She cast back a worried glance at Brent Staples several times. Brent Staples was six feet two inches tall with a beard and a curly hair. After few seconds later, she ran away fast as she could and disappeared within a second. Staples was a 23 years old at that time and a graduate student at the University of Chicago. He felt heavy inheritance with that situation; he also felt he was feeling as committed into autocracy. Staples states, “And I soon gathered that being perceived as dangerous is a hazard in itself” ( Brent Staples 1). He understood that she ran away because he could no way to prove that he was not from the ghetto.…show more content…
At that night, he was passing the car which was stopped by traffic light, and he saw the driver was in a hurry to lock the door locks. Moreover, he had faces standard disagreeable matters with police, doormen, bouncers, cab drivers, etc. Two years ago, He moved to New York, and he still liked to be a night walker. He admitted that black men has a solid mugging stereotype in New York. According to Norman Podhoretz, he could not control his agitation when he meets black men on the particular streets. After a period of ten years later, Edward Hoagland who is the writer and novelist explains that black people’s sourness is coming from the other black people. For example, if black people committed into an act of violence, that would cause the other black males feel uncomfortable in the society because people get fear by those affects. Staples often saw the “hunch posture” from

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