Brenton Butler's Argument Essay: I Fought The Law

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One of my favorite songs is called I Fought The Law. The song is about someone who fought the law and lost. I fought the law and the law won. A lot of times it seems that fighting the law is pointless. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people get locked up for crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, a handful of people have been executed for crimes they did not commit. Imagine being the accused and knowing damn right that you are innocent and trying your hardest to show the law your innocence yet losing the battle. Sometimes, you're innocence is proven or at least believed by a jury. Other times it takes investigations by institutions like the Innocence Project to prove your innocence. The most unfortunate thing about being locked up for…show more content…
This documentary was about a fifteen year old boy named Brenton Butler who was framed by the police. Brenton Butler was arrested and charged with the murder of Mary Ann Stephens. The only real evidence police had to tie Butler to the murder was an eyewitness account by Mrs. Stephens' husband. Now, an eyewitness account sounds good enough to arrest and charge Butler. However, keep in mind that eye witness accounts can be wrong. The eye can be misleading especially at a fight or flight moment when the body is releasing adrenaline. When a body is scared or at an emotional…show more content…
The detectives knew that the eye-witness account wasn't going to be enough to convict Butler. Therefore, they drew up a false confession that was allegedly (in a way implied... after all it's a “confession”) verbatim that Butler spewed/confessed to the detectives. Maybe it is not fair to use the word “they” as if everyone in the investigation was involved in the framing of Butler. I want to make it clear that I do not think everyone was out to frame Butler. However, because the detectives spent more time harassing the boy into “confessing” instead of investigating the crime. The detectives, through their choices on focus, are all guilty... in a mob mentality sort of

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