Bret Easton Ellis Analysis

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Bret Easton Ellis grew up in a very wealthy, but abusive, household. His dad was a drunk and very abusive towards him and his mother. His childhood was very difficult because of this, but he used this as motivation from a very early age. Whenever he entered middle school, he was teased because of the way he talked and dressed. He grew up in a sophisticated home so he didn’t talk like most of the other kids or dress like them. Although he was teased almost every day, he didn’t let that distract him from his goal of becoming the youngest published author in history. All throughout his middle school career, he made poor grades in every class except English class. He loved English class and said his 7th grade English teacher was his role model throughout his early life. His parents were not very strict when it came to grade. In fact, whenever he made poor grades, his parents still did not discipline him and never tried to help him. Since he never grew up in a strict environment, whenever his parents moved him to private school, he didn’t know how to behave. He later said that transitioning from public school to private school, was one of the most difficult things he has ever done, especially because it was a prestigious college prep school.…show more content…
He dedicated five years of his early life to writing a book that was widely controversial and not accepted by most people in the publishing company that he was using. At first, they rejected his book and said that they were not going to publish it. He did not let their skepticism stop his dream of becoming a published author. He hounded the publishing company to take another at his book, so they did re-look at his book and they decided to publish it. Ellis was so happy that he had become a published author. He spent most of his life trying to become a published author and it finally
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