Bret Harte Bullfrog Case Study

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The Bret Harte Bullfrogs have a new leader at the helm for the third time in four years. Casey Kester, Bret Harte’s 2014 offensive coordinator, inherits a Bullfrog program that has not made the playoffs since the 1988, nor won more than five games in a season since 2011. In the three seasons since a 5-5 year in 2011, the ‘Frogs have won a total of four games.

Kester hopes to change that.

With Kester comes a change of attitude. He hopes to bring about a new found sense of resilience that will help teach his team how to be competitive and adopt a mindset that Bret Harte can stand toe-to-toe with other programs in the Mother Lode League.

“It’s an attitude thing,” Kester said. “If you get beat, don’t lie there and whine about it; don’t hang
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“So that that will make it easier for me to get past the defense and score touchdowns. I feel like we can take advantage of any team. I know that we are viewed as a running team, but I think we can pass on any team we want.”

Seawel, Austin High, Luke Pinney and Zeke Renner are all solid targets for Ziehlke in the passing game.

“Bucky and Luke have been great to throw the ball to and they make great catches,” Ziehlke said. “We have a lot more skilled position players than we had last year.”

Bret Harte will line up 6-foot-5, 260-pound Preston at tight end. Preston spent his sophomore season on the varsity roster, and the junior knows what is expected of him this year.

“I’ve been working on my footwork speed and working on getting my hands up to catch passes,” Preston said. “Even though I’m lined up at the tight end position, that doesn’t mean I will always go out for a pass. So it’s almost like an extra blocker.”

Preston is not married to the tight end position, and if moving him to the offensive line later in the season would be what is best for the team, he would make the move no question
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