Bret Harte's The Luck Of The Roaring Camp

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Bret Harte, an amazing American author, and poet, adequately shows imagery in “The Luck of the Roaring Camp,” and many of his other works. Bret Harte is very well known. Harte was a writer in the nineteenth century. Bret was not only a short story writer, he was also a critic, journalist, poet, editor and a playwright. His success came from his writings about the American western frontier. Bret Harte was born August 25, 1836, in Albany, Ney York. Bret Harte’s family moved around a lot, so he did not get a very good education. During the frequent moving, he had a lot of time to read. Some of Harte’s favorite authors were Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, and Edgar Allan Poe. Before he was a writer he was a school teacher, a miner,
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