Brett Favre Case Study

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What kind of ethics and determination does it take to not miss a day of work for 18 whole years from age 23 to 41? On September 20th, 1992, Don ‘The Magic Man’ Majkowski tore a ligament in his ankle against the Cincinnati Bengals, kicking off an untouchable record in NFL history. Brett Favre started the next game on 9/27/92, played every Sunday for the next 18 years, 19 seasons, until December 5th, 2010 in a game against the Buffalo Bills when an AC sprain in his right shoulder caused him to be inactive the next week, ending the unreal record at 297 consecutive regular season starts, 321 including the playoffs. In addition, the next closest streak is 208/227 for Peyton Manning from ’98 till ’11, furthermore, the three closest active-streaks today are owned by Peyton’s younger brother Eli which has 174/185 since ‘04, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, who is at 151/160 since ’06, and Baltimore’s Joe Flacco claiming 119/134 consecutive regular season/playoff starts since ‘08.…show more content…
Due to the length of Rodgers’ career so far, only the first seven seasons of both players as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers will be detailed. The debate of ‘Past Vs. Present’ is always a hot-topic of interest, especially in sports, even more so residing in Green Bay, where current quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former legend Brett Favre are regularly argued about; nonetheless all the variables that go along with each era make it nearly impossible to comprehend their differences and how eras would translate against each other, so contrasts for each are to be made in their respective time

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