Linda Patterson Miller Character Analysis

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I do agree with Linda Patterson Miller to a great extent that the TSAR is Brett’s novel, when Brett was introduced in the novel she became the focal character. Wherever Brett goes not only men were attracted to her but “both men and women notice her,” physical appearance, which both identifies and traps her. During the fiesta Jake says “they want her as an image to dance around,” she was only something pretty to look at that made Brett felt isolated. Jake was the only one that realized that she feels isolated even though people are always surrounding her, that is why she only trusts him the “novel revolved around Bretts nascent assertiveness and self-awareness as she struggles to realize her own name,” Jake says lord Ashley is her title her own name is Brett, he tells Cohn as he explains men only fall in love with her image not her.…show more content…
Although, Brett did not appear in the start of the novel but she was anticipated through the character of Georgette who is Bretts foil, they were both pretty but Bretts parody after this chapter does not appear again after she foreshadows and heightens Bretts entrance. Georgette takes off her hat then Brett enters this juxtaposition shows the significance of Bretts disguised identity and her entrapment to take off her hat, which means self-revelation and vulnerability and this scares
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