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On the other hand, St. Clement’s School presented; A Brewed Awaking. This production revolves around thirteen young women featuring the struggles of teenage girls and the relationships they have with peers, family members, and, of course, boys. In comparison to The Canterbury Tales: Las Vegas Edition and Flatline I found that A Brewed Awaking was simply just lacking everything that I was hoping would be present in the production, and unfortunately I did not like the story, in fact I felt as if there was no story line at all, or even a plot for that matter.
To further that comment, I believe I did not feel any sense of the production seeming relatable. I mean everyone can relate to having a relationship with someone, although I just could
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Time wasted is time when the audience starts thinking about their train ride home, so I believe the show should have made it that the audience would feel certain that the cast knew why each scene exists and what purpose it has within the piece as a whole. The same applies to songs that where song (eight songs were song in total), which can function as scenes. Does it move the story along? Develop character? Establish setting? I do not believe so, also it did not intersperse sung lyrics with spoken dialogue well or use songs to cut away from a particular strand of the story well. Also, it is essential that the production would improve by creating compelling, unique characters because they are the storytellers; there is no third person narrator. I would have improved to define the main characters clearly so that we know their goals as we follow them through the piece. Although, this does not mean the characters would have to be instantly likable, but it is important that it should have been understandable of what their motivations are, as this is how the audience could access the wider story.
Nevertheless, I was impressed when
To conclude, I was very pleased with this year’s Sears Ontario Drama Festival entries. It was my second time viewing the festival and I must say I enjoyed it much more this time
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