Brian Eigenberger Character Analysis

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Freedom is often taken for granted in America. Most of us go on about our day, not thinking about what would happen if we didn’t have soldiers overseas fighting for our country. Brian Eigenberger was one of those soldiers that helped protect our country from. He is a hero that does not get recognized for the risks he took for the United States. Characteristics that are displayed in heroes are also displayed in Brian Eigenberger. Brian Eigenberger displays many different characteristics of a hero. One of them is receiving proper training. As Kendra Cherry said in 7 Qualities of Heroism, “In situations where would-be rescuers lack the know-how or sheer physical strength to make a difference, people are less likely to help or are more likely to find less direct ways to take action.” This shows that people who have proper training are able to take action in a situation and become heroes. Basic training prepared Brian for what was to come in Iraq and Egypt. Soldiers are put into different situations where they need the knowledge they learned in basic training to become heroes.…show more content…
In an interview, Brian said that he, “wanted to give people the freedom that they deserve.” In 7 Qualities of Heroism by Kendra Cherry, “People who rush in to help others in the face of danger and adversity do so because they genuinely care about the safety and well-being of other people.” In the same article, it says that heroes have the ability to overcome fear. Brian overcame the fear of leaving his family so he could be able to protect others at all costs. Being a soldier means making great sacrifices to be able to make a difference. Brian took risks to become a hero that an ordinary human being would not make without immense

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