Brian Johnson In The Breakfast Club

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“Like, when I step outside myself kinda, and when I, when I look at myself, you know? And I see me and I don’t like what I see, I really don’t.” Anthony Michael Hall played the role of the brainiac, Brian Johnson, in The Breakfast Club. Likewise, Brian is portrayed as the typical “nerd” in high school; he strives to do his best and please his parent’s. Similarly, I can relate to Brian because my parent’s expect as much from me as his do. They are always encouraging me to strive to do my best and never settle; nonetheless, I now push myself to try and accomplish anything I set my mind to. Although Brian Johnson is very successful in his school work he struggles deep beneath his skin with being accepted by society. Brian Johnson can be characterized…show more content…
Fortunately, due to all of Brian’s hard work in high school his future looks exceptionally bright. Brian mentions early in the movie he is in the physics and math club, I predict he will attend the University of Illinois to major in physics. After he completes his four years to achieve his major Brian will then attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue engineering. Next, once he completes engineering school, he will land a very successful job close to his hometown back in Illinois. In addition to Brian’s job he will be married by now to a very kind and quiet women much like himself. Specifically, these two will be immensely loving and supporting for their future children. Brian tells those in detention, “..I don’t like my parent’s either, I don’t...I don’t get along with them..their idea of parental compassion is just, you know, wacko!” Due to his upbringing, Brian will make it a priority to never treat his children the way his parents treated him growing up. On a positive note, everything Brian endured and overcame in high school has led him to a positive future with a wonderful family and successful job. High school isn’t necessarily the best four years of everyone’s life. In a short time the audience was shown the complicated endeavors many teenagers either overcome or become wrapped up in. Although Brian is extremely successful in his academics he struggles deep beneath his skin with extensive pressure and societal acceptance. Brian Johnson is one example of someone who was almost defeated by the difficult
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