Brian Mitchell's Speech

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Brian Stokes Mitchell a Tony and two-time Drama Desk winner star of Ragtime, Man of La Mancha, and Kiss me, Kate came to Ball State University to inform the Theatre Majors of his life, his career, his acting and singing technique, and lastly how to break into the business. Brian Stokes Mitchell started off with speaking on his career taking us back to the first moments and how he connected his whole career though one decision and connection. Brain taught me that saying yes to opportunities can get you further than you think and by allowing yourself to make those connections with people can lead you in the right direction when trying to elevate your career and be successful in the entertainment business. Q2 Making it on Broadway, Television, and Film may look easy to break into, but it actually takes hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to…show more content…
Brian was captivating in his details on how he did the whole beginning actor trying to break into the business. Overall his introduction was effective in captivating his audience, gaining our attention, and establishing his credibility. Brian’s relaxed and cool nature made the whole audience that more interested in listening to his speech. Q5 Because Brian Stoke Mitchell is a Tony winner, and has been on multiple television shows, has multiple albums that he goes on tour and perform he is already a credible source that can go out and speak on the entertainment business also on acting, singing and performing especially. Brian has been on numerous Broadway shows and went in detail how he prepared his body every day to perform eight shows a week. Brian also mentioned how to balance having a family and having a career. Brain chose to have a child later in his life because he wanted to focused on his career and felt he couldn’t do
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