Ethical Issues In Wwe

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7. Brian Ong -

The vast majority of wrestling fans will be unfamiliar with Brian Ong. This unfamiliarity is perfectly understandable as Ong never actually made it to WWE. In fact, he never made it beyond basic in-ring training.

While training with All Pro Wrestling in 2001, Ong passed away after receiving a flapjack from future WWE Superstar The Great Khali. Ong had already suffered a concussion during the training session and the impact of hitting the mat after being tossed into the air by a giant proved too much for his body to handle.

While being directly linked to the death of another wrestler is usually a surefire way to ensure WWE never hires you, The Great Khali’s size was just too damn impressive for Vince McMahon to pass up. And so Khali made his WWE debut in 2006 and McMahon spent a lot of money making sure the name Brian Ong remained relatively unknown.
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Test -

Another untimely death which has been largely ignored by Vince McMahon and WWE is that of Andrew Martin.

Martin achieved his greatest fame under the name Test and spent several years performing on WWE television before being released from his contract in 2004. He returned to the company two years later and was assigned to the recently introduced ECW brand. Unfortunately, Martin had developed some pretty serious substance abuse issues during his time away from WWE and they eventually led to him leaving the company for good in 2007.

Martin Passed away in March of 2009 from an overdose of oxycodone and it was later discovered that he had been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, brought on by multiple concussions. Vince McMahon avoided bringing attention to Test’s death in order to avoid being held responsible by the mainstream media.

3. Chris Candido -

Chris Candido is best known to WWE fans as Skip of The Bodydonnas. Some may also recognize him as the guy who brought Tammy “Sunny” Sytch into the company only to have her cheat on him with the literal Heartbreak Kid, Shawn

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