Brian Robeson's Survival Strategies Revealed In The Hatchet

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Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness? Brian Robeson, a 13 year old was for 54 days. What kept him alive? Well, Brian used plenty of things. He used his hatchet, and most importantly, his survival strategies. Three of Brain's strategies were; trial and error, using his senses, and being observant.

He used trial and error by carving an arrow. The first time Brian shot his arrow, it nearly blinded him. The second time, he was at the lake. He suddenly realized that water refracts. Refraction was how he used trial and error with the arrow. Brian also used trial and error by using the fish spear. Every single time Brain tried to lunge at the fish, he was always too slow. He tried to jab it, throw it, and flail it. That night, Brian sat by the fire and peeled bark bit by bit to make a spear. This is how Brian used trial and error with the fish spear. Brian also used trial and error with the fire. At
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Brian is very observant and takes time to experience and notice the world around him. Just like one of the survival strategies. Brian was observant in the plane with the pilot. When the pilot was gassy and complained that his chest was "coming apart," Brian remembered that he had seen a man saying and doing the same thing. This observation led him to believe that the pilot was having a heart attack. That was how Brian was observant in the plane. Brian also was observant when he was in the lake with the moose. He suddenly rose from the surface from the L shaped lake and opened his eyes to see a moose. As soon as Brian would move, the moose would charge. So, Brian took to crawling and stopping whenever she would turn around. That was how Brian was observant with the moose. Brian was also observant with the survival bag. He remembered about seeing the bag in the plane, before the pilot died, so he went to get it. That is how Brian was observant when in the plane, in the lake and with the survival
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