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Briana Kuykendall spoke at the symposium on Friday on the book, The Transforming Vision. She gave a detailed summary of what exactly the book was about and went into depth about some of the major key points talked about in the book. The first thing she did was define what a worldview is and what it is not. Worldviews are not systems of thought like theologies or philosophies; instead, they are perceptual frameworks and directors of life. They are people’s way of seeing or understanding life itself. She then went on to talk about the four basic worldview questions: Who are we? Where are we? What went wrong? What is the remedy? Furthermore, she talked about how someone with a correct Biblical worldview would answer the questions. Briana said…show more content…
As Christians, we are to be unified with creation and we have been given a major responsibility of dominion over creation. All creation is covenantally bound to God. As humans, we are God’s creatures living in His kingdom, made in His image, and are called to be good stewards of His kingdom. This sums up the first two worldview questions. The third worldview question is summed up by human disobedience. We are given the choice to either serve God or serve idols. In Briana’s words, “Man is free to choose who to serve, but is not free from the consequences of that choice. We read this in various verses throughout the Bible. When we choose to worship idols instead of worshiping God, we not only take away the authority of God, but we also image God incorrectly. The final worldview question is answered with redemption and restoration. God does not leave us without hope, but He gives us Jesus. Our ultimate redemption comes in two parts. The first part is called D-Day, which is when Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and rose again for the sins of mankind. The second part is called Victory day, which is when Jesus will come back for His church, then creation will be renewed and

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