Bria's Argument Against Racial Profiling

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Bria introduces the topic of racial profiling as an ethical and moral issue by using theorist Peter Singer, Frederick Douglass, and Steve Almond to highlight opposing sides of the societal issue. Bria’s speech advocates for the recognition of racial profiling as an issue of equality while providing the audience with two opposing viewpoints within that topic. She does this by effectively identifying the origins of racial profiling, highlighting opposing viewpoints and using relevant sources as well as comprehensive statistics that provide support for her speech. In contrast, her delivery of the second speech reflects a lack of organization and understanding of certain goals of the speech and assignment. Furthermore, in analyzing Bria’s speech,…show more content…
This may have been the most important part of the content of Bria’s speech. When giving the opposing sides of Bria’s speech she offered the audience with two well thought out arguments. The first side stated that “by lawfully allowing racial profiling the government would be able to decrease crime rates” (Bria, “Racial Profiling”). On the other hand, the opposing side stated that “racial profiling was an act of discrimination, and therefore made communities feel unsafe” (Bria, “Racial Profiling”). Both of these viewpoints, were a vital component of Bria’s speech that she did a tremendous job of presenting. Nevertheless, Bria could improve on providing the audience with ethical significance while using the semester’s readings. She used Steve Almond, Frederick Douglass, and Peter Singer in order to address the ethical and moral significance. Although it is commendable to state that she used their theories, she failed to elaborate on how each of these theorist informed her topic. In noting the element of Bria’s speech, little could be written about the theories of each theorist because so little information was given about them and their relevance to her topic. It would benefit Bria to use her arguments from the assigned weekly reflections to help her go more into depth about how these theorists added or subtracted from her
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