Brick-And-Mortar Retail Business Model

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Each store receive two shipments per week, delivery date and when they are unloaded depends on the store. Those on the merchandise (or merch) team attempt to keep the store as neat and uncluttered as possible while unloading and opening the boxes, and then putting the product out on the floor. Each location has their own receiving area where the trucks attach their trailer to. They use to do live unloads, where the associates remove the boxes from the truck while the driver is still there. Then the unloaded boxes were dropped at different locations around the store to be opened and then put away. This served to be a disadvantage as they were being interrupted by customers and falling behind, as well as the large mess that was being made. To…show more content…
The business model used by the company is the largest and the oldest Canadian retailers that follow Brick-and–Mortar retail business model. This corporation acts as a branded house for a selected set of apparel and household brands. Its direct competitors follow a differentiation strategy, demonstrated by the way they offer branded products in premium categories. The other competitor like Wal-Mart follows cost leadership strategy to compete in Canadian Market. Decline in sales of Home Outfitters is due to greater than before competition from large chains of retailers and e-commerce…show more content…
Aggressive pricing strategies of competitors like Wal-Mart EDLP pricing. The competitor like Wal-Mart follows aggressive advertising. More US departmental stores are expanding in Canada like Wal-Mart. Pricing wars become fierce due to the same size of competitor 's (Nordstrom). Corporate Level problem exists due to rapid industry growth with high profit potential, more large store chains are entered in Canadian market and price wars become serious. Home Outfitters faces the challenge of survival as differentiation strategy is not functional anymore with rival like Wal-Mart that works on cost leadership. Also, the exponential growth of online retailers have created a huge issue for brick and mortar retailers like HBC. Home Outfitters has customer suggestions and surveys that allow customers to express their satisfaction and suggestions. It is encouraged that employees make an effort to let customers know about how they can provide feedback on their entire experience. This helps the company in connecting with their consumers and appealing to their concerns. Home Outfitters follows a return policy of 30 days to return in which packaging should not be destroyed and with the original receipt. If for any circumstance that packaging is ruined it is up to the managers discretion to offer a store credit. Items are inspected before the return takes place to

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