Bride Of Frankenstein Research Paper

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“Beep, beep, beep, beep,” A green hand, about the size of a basketball slithered out of the bed and some covers and picked up the alarm clock and slammed it onto the ground. It shattered into a million pieces and the green hand slithered back into it’s resting place. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The creature shrieked as it threw up it’s coffee stained covers. And sluggishly got out of bed. It scratched its bolted head, then its butt and headed to the bathroom which was about two steps from his bed. The thing lived in a small apartment. With brick walls on the right side of the apartment, and a pure crispy white on the other side. It was small and the green monster was big. It did not look like a comfortable fit but apparently this thing had been living there for quite a long time. His name is Franky, you might know him from movie directed by Boris Karloff. It is called “Bride of Frankenstein.”…show more content…
The eyes were bloodshot and had the smallest hint of green. He scrubed his eyes with a cloth. The doorbell rung right as he put them pack in. He walked towards the door and looked through the keyhole. He saw the daily newspaper and continued opening the door. He picked it up and read the story on the front page; Lincoln High and Oak Grove are Combining Prom Dances. Due to a Sprinkler Malfunction in Oak Grove the two schools will have prom together. They say it will be a costume party to make the mood a bit brighter as the schools are inter-state rivals in football and

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