Bridesmaids Movie Analysis

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The comical movie, Bridesmaids, is about two childhood best friends named Lillian and Annie. Lillian is about to get married and chooses Annie to be her maid of honor. Annie is at the rock bottom of her life during this exciting time for her best friend. She is still trying to transition to adulthood while having two English roommates, constant troubles with her car, and losing her bakery business in Milwaukee. Annie is still learning the steps of life and is making it more complicated for herself by being in an emotional relationship with a guy named Ted, who is using her for sexual activities. Annie is slightly insecure that her best friend is getting married before she can even get her life together, but tries to act like she is not jealous…show more content…
Typically, when close friends get married it usually affects the stability of a long-term friendship. This happens in the story when Lillian gets engaged and Annie, her best friend, is still figuring herself out. The maid of honor role is the most difficult task to handle due to how much you have to put together while trying to fulfill the bride’s expectations. Annie’s depression develops throughout the movie from a mixture of events. Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness and rejection. In the movie, Annie showed many symptoms of depression. The peak of her depression was the bridal shower, when she expressed every feeling built up to her best friend Lillian. She was acting very out of character which is what depression will do. Annie began to block out everyone who were actually there for her, but she didn’t realize it because she was so caught up in her own sense of failure. For example, after Annie and Rhodes woke up one morning in Rhodes’s home, Rhodes had baking supplies on his kitchen counter because he knew how much Annie enjoyed baking and he loved her bakery when it was open. Annie was so caught up in her failure that she didn’t appreciate the thoughtful gesture that Rhodes did for her. She left soon after she saw in him in the kitchen to surprise her with baking
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