Bridge To Terabithia Analysis

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Bridge to Terabithia is a raw, emotionally honest novel about characters who climb up above their weaknesses through emotional strength and unselfishness. Both Jess and Leslie have special needs, her for acceptance from a new school whose students regard her as exotic, and he for athletic recognition to appease a father disgusted by Jess 's true interest, artistic creation. In the forest near their dwellings, the kids create an imaginary country in which their friendship flourishes away from societal prejudice and familial pressure. Terabithia evokes the illusion of the childhood forts, tree houses, or clubs familiar to most readers. Nevertheless, a freak accident that kills Leslie shatters the peace of Terabithia, forcing Jess to seek friendship and understanding in the tangible universe. Jess Aarons, an eleven year old boy, the fastest runner off third, fourth, and fifth, lives in the country…show more content…
Jess, Leslie, and most of the minor characters search for love and fulfillment, and the narrative kicks up a potent sensation of loneliness and yearning, leading up to Leslie 's tragic death. However, the generosity and courage this tragedy inspires in Jess and in the parents of both children bring the characters to a new understanding and acceptance of each other.
Bridge to Terabithia starts with jess’s morning practice run. He runs excitedly for the race coming up in his school, having a wish to become recognized in between his classmate by coming first in the race organized among three tiers. The other reason Jesse is so determined to be the fastest race driver in his class is that he likes to get his father observed. He wakes up every early morning in the summer, sliding out from the bed, immediately he hears that his father is out for work. Moving quietly so that his mother and sister should not wake up he goes down for a run to the cow field to stimulating himself for better speed and endurance. His running is interrupted by Belle’s call for
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