Bridge To Terabithia Courage Analysis

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9/29 Courage is not the Absence of Fear, it is the Presence of Fear yet the Will to Continue By Neva My definition of courage is the will to do something even though you are scared. There are many different types of courage. There is intellectual/emotional courage which is the type of courage that comes up most in this book. But we’ll get back to that later. Another type of courage is physical courage. One example of physical courage, is jumping off Jaws Bridge. The last kind of courage is social/moral courage. An example of that is standing up to a bully. All these kinds of courage can be seen in lots of places like your life, movies etc., but courage is often seen in books, including the books that the 6th graders did over the summer. In the novel Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, the character Jesse must show (tremendous) courage. Jesse was a 10 year old boy who lived in a tiny town in Virginia, called Lark Creek. Over the course of the book, Jesse makes friends with a…show more content…
Later, May Belle came to Jesse crying that he had to beat Janice Avery up, but he was very reluctant. But then Leslie spoke up and said that they would find out a way to pay Janice Avery back. They later wrote a letter that was from “Willard Hughes,” Janice Avery’s crush, persuading her to tell many people that he liked her and also managing to get her to miss her bus. The kind of courage exhibited most in this act of courage was social/moral. This moment of courage mattered because it taught Jesse to stand up for the ones he loved. People who read Bridge to Terabithia learn so much about courage. I can apply social/moral courage to my daily life if I see someone being bullied I can use courage to stand up to the bully. Readers can really benefit from the many examples of courage that this book
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