Bridges Summer Program Essay

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Why do you want to participate in the Bridges Summer Program?
Participating in the Bridges Summer Program will help me greatly in the transition between high school and college. Reading about the program I have learned that this program is meant to help students transition to a college-level work environment and I know that I need this type of help. The good thing about this program is that they help students individually and this way students will have a better chance at really being prepared to start college in the fall. I want to participate in this program so that I can take advantage of how the program will help me to reach my career goal and transition from Valencia to UCF by directconnect. Having smaller classes will be a bigger benefit
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I know that this program will be a very useful help in being college ready when I start in the fall and not being sure in what I have to and don’t have to do.
Describe a personal challenge or adversity you’ve experienced and how you were able to overcome that obstacle (provide specific steps that were necessary)
A personal challenge that I have experienced had to do with my whole family. My parents and my brother came to the United States to search for a better lifestyle like a lot of immigrants do. Along the way my mom had me, my twin sister, and my little sister and they decided to become US residents. They started to go to the process when I was in middle school and we were all hopeful that they would be get them. We never thought about what would happen if they didn’t get them or us having to move. That changed when they received a paper that said they had 30 days to leave the country. That day was one of the worst I had gone through lots of thoughts were running through my head like how I was going to leave my family I had here, friends, and how I would be going to a new country. That day my
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