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I am going to prove the accused, Bridget Bishop, innocent of being a witch. You think you have proof that Bridget Bishop is a witch. I have proof that Bridget Bishop is not a witch. I will give you many good, reasonable reasons for explaining that she is not a witch. The explanations will prove useful in the defence. You claim that you have good reasons for suspecting that Mrs. Bishop is a witch. You think that Mrs. Bridget Bishop is a witch because she has been wearing black for the past few days. The truth, which you refuse to accept, is that Mrs. Bishop’s cat passed away on Sunday, February 20, 1692. In case you didn’t know, black is a color of mourning, and she is mourning the loss of her cat.
Three girls, Abigail Williams, Mary Walcott, and Ann Putnam, claim that Mrs. Bishop was cursing them. The fact is, on Thursday, February 17, 1692 Bridget was only scolding them. The girls were chasing her cat around the yard when she was trying to feed her cat. The next day, Friday, February 18, 1692, the girls were throwing their scraps on Mrs. Bishop’s path. The girls said that Bridget
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Has it occurred to you that her daughter could be sick? On Tuesday, February 22, 1692, Bridget Bishop’s daughter, Christian Oliver, became sick with the measles. You said that she was throwing tantrum because her mother was cursing her. Miss Christian Oliver was simply struggling to get out of bed and got caught in a blanket.
You said that on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 23, 1692 Mrs. Bridget Bishop was making a potion, and only witches make potions. What really happened,was the night before, her daughter fell ill, and Bridget was making soup to help her get better.
These are my reasons for believing that Bridget Bishop is not a witch. There is no real proof that Bridget Bishop is a witch, and I have plenty of proof that Mrs. Bishop isn’t a witch. Thank you for reading my reasons for thinking that Bridget Bishop isn’t a
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