Bridget Keehan's Short Story: Sorry For The Loss

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An Essay on Bridget Keehan’s short story ’’Sorry for the Loss’’

Freedom means opportunity. Opportunity to speak, have political or national independence and be the person you are. While many butterflies are free to spread their wings, many others suffer in captivity, who only can dream about how the world is like outside. In the short story ‘’Sorry for the Loss’’ 2008 by Bridget Keehan, light I shed on yearning for freedom. This is depicted in the contrast of the two characters that we meet: young and criminal Victor and chaplain Evie. Things are about to chance, when she visits Victor at the prison to tell him the bad news.

The main character of the short story is Evie. She works in the prison as a chaplain, but she does not like being there even though “she has been in post for over a year” (p. 2 l. 28). The atmosphere at the prison terrifies her and she feels uncomfortable being in the prison and finds it “abrasive and intimidating” (p.2 l. 19). Nevertheless, she needs “ […] time to try to feel comfortable in her surroundings […]” (p. 2 l. 16). The quote proves that she is a sensitive person, who is insecure and nervous, especially when she is about to tell Victor about his Nan: “realises how nervous she is” (p. 3 l. 65). Furthermore, she is kind to everyone she meets and tries to understand how the prisoners feel. On page 3 line 40 she imagines Jesus as being one of the prisoners: “ [...] Jesus wrapped in swaddling, with needles and veins and the ability to mug and

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