Bridgman Public Library: A Short Story

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It all began in a little blue house in the center of town. The wind blowing the lavender curtains all about. The perfectly trimmed grass, and the warmth of the sunshine that makes your heart swell with joy. Inside lay an elementary girl, sound asleep with her books scattered around her. Her mother walks in and pats her shoulder trying to wake her up from an afternoon nap.
“Evelyn sweetheart, time to wake up.” She sat right up with a beautiful smile across her face. Her blue eyes twinkle in the light, and her messy brown hair stuck up in the air. She climbed out of bed and placed all her books into a bag. Evelyn waved goodbye to her mother, then skipped out the door. The cool breeze turned her nose strawberry red and she retreated inside to get her fall jacket. She proceeded down the sidewalk as leaves twirled around her. She looked up at the letters on the building that read: Bridgman Public Library. Grasping the cold handle, she walked inside taking in the awe and amazement at the books that surrounded her. This was something done every time she entered the library. On her tiptoes, she slid her books up onto the counter for the librarian to check in. She went over to the junior section and ran her hand across the spines of
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Slowly she turned around and spotted an oddly familiar pirate who looked at her with such sincerity that she couldn’t decide how to feel. The pirate led her to a cabin down below and shut the door, covering the window with a drape. All around her books lined the walls. In her mind it was like a world she had not indulged in. For the next few hours she devoured book after book, completely unaware of the passing time. The, as the story couldn’t get any better, angry boots scuffed the floor in front of the door. A key clicked in the key shaft and the captain walked in. He was the captain anyone would picture in a story, only he smelled of everything beautiful and had cheeriness in his
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