Brief Biography Of Colin Powell: A True Hero

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Colin Powell has accomplished many things in his lifetime.
For most of Colin Powell life he was a brave soldier in the military and had a lot of achievements in service for our country. Powell attended City College of New York, during which time he joined the ROTC ( Reserve Officers Training Corps ).

Colin Powell attended college and during that time he joined the ROTC. Powell felt like he had a purpose and before long he was the rankest commander of his ROTC unit. Later he Graduated from the corps as a Cadet Colonel, the highest rank. Powell’s corps experience guided him into a career in the military. After college, he joined the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant.

I agree I think Colin Powell is a hero, but some people don’t, some people say that Colin Powell was lucky and doesn’t do anything thing for this country. They just don’t understand that you don’t haft to have a power to help this country.
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On that day , the helicopter carrying him and several other brave soldiers crashed, Powell escaped the burning helicopter and although injured, he returned to the wreckage several times to rescue his fellow soldiers. For that act of bravery Colin Powell was honored with the purple heart for been wounded in service. Colin Powell also received the bronze star for acts of heroism in a combat zone and the soldier's medal for the helicopter rescue.

I think Colin Powell is an amazing man he is a hero to our country. So I hope this story showed you what a hero, he is and if you don’t think so, you should because he is an amazing man/soldier and everyone should be proud. The last thing I’m gonna say is I hope all of America appreciates what heroes like him do for our

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