Brief Comparison Between William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Terror struck citizens this morning as the Capulet and Montague families continued to carry out their strife publicly on the streets of Verona, resulting in the deaths of Mercutio Escalus, kin to Prince Escalus, and Tybalt Capulet, a dear cousin to the Capulet family, as well as the banishment of Romeo Montague. Both families are reported to be currently morning their losses, and planning to take revenge upon each other. In an interview shortly after the terrible incident, eyewitness Benvolio Montague accounts what he saw earlier this morning. “Tybalt started the fight” Benvolio said. “He came up to Romeo, Mercutio and I, and insulted Romeo to his face. Brave Romeo took nothing of the comment and continued to ignore Tybalt and his men. Mercutio however, felt embarrassed that Romeo did not stand up for himself, and started to mock Tybalt. …show more content…

The fight became quite violent, and Romeo, trying to keep the peace, stepped between Mercutio and Tybalt, unknowingly providing Tybalt with the advantage.” I saw it coming,’” Benvolio accounted, “ but could not warn Mercutio in time as Tybalt reached under Romeo’s arm and stabbed him. I took Mercutio away but he could not be saved. His last words were wishing “A plague o’ both your houses” to my family, the Montagues, and to the Capulets. When I returned, Romeo felt it was his honor to avenge the death of our friend, and dueled Tybalt until finally he was slain. For his deeds, Romeo was banished, but not executed as the Prince of Verona valued Romeo standing up for his kinsman.” We have yet to discover where Romeo has gone, or if he will ever return. As for Benvolio, he is still mourning the death of his dear friend Mercutio, who he could not save in

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