Brief Essay: How Does War Affects People?

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It’s a nice and warm day. I can’t wait to go and see the neighbors and play with them around the town. There was this amazing place that I saw on my way home yesterday, that I’ve thought about taking my friends there today. Since there’s no school, I would love to take my friends there today. I think that they will enjoy it as much as I did when I saw it yesterday. There has never been a day like today where I’m so excited to go all around town and do whatever I want today. No homework, no nothing. I also can’t wait to go and celebrate my sister’s birthday that’s in a couple days. Now all I can do for right now is just imagine how amazing it would be if I could take my friends to that amazing place that I saw yesterday. Different in this child’s life, many children in many countries aren’t able…show more content…
People are affected physically because they are being either tortured or harmed in different ways. Along with the point that people are also affected mentally because many people are having escalating arguments that in most cases strike at war. However, many people say that war doesn’t affect people mentally and physically. That’s where a piece from “Somalia Upfront Magazine” comes in. The first reason as to why war affects people in two different ways is that it affects many mentally. First off, a piece of evidence from “Somalia Upfront Magazine” by Jeffrey Gettleman in Mogadishu it states,”’These kids can be so easily brainwashed,’ Ali says. ‘They don't even have to be paid.’” In short, this shows that kids are being picked up very easily and that they are very easy to brainwash. Ordinarily, all of these qualities make child soldiers very common which affect them mentally because the children are being taught that what they’re doing is the right thing. Which most of the times these child soldiers are taking down towns and ransacking a lot of places along with the slaughter of many people if they are told to do so. When the children do this
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