Brief Essay On Harriet Tubman's Life

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Have you ever heard the name Harriet Tubman? Most people have. However, have you heard of her nicknames, General Tubman and Moses? She received these names because of her fearless work on the Underground Railroad. Moses set the Jews free from slavery under the Pharaohs of Egypt. Similarly, Harriet Tubman worked hard to set her people, African slaves, free from their owners. Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland, around 1820. She was born a slave to Her mother Harriet and her father Ben, and had ten brothers and sisters. They all lived on a plantation owned by a man named Mr. Brodas. When Harriet was only six years old, Mr. Brodas decided he wanted to hire her out to a weaver named Mrs. Cook. This was sad for Araminta…show more content…
This was very important because this was when she took her first stand, and it was her first try at an attempt to freedom. ANother example was when she got directions to a woman 's house who would help her on her first journey. Although, Harriet was scared because she didn 't know this woman and she thought it could possibly be a trap, she was brave enough to go. When she arrived she realized she had nothing to worry about and she was in good hands. In fact, this woman was part of the Underground Railroad. This was a network of people who helped slaves throughout their journey North to freedom. This kind woman had Harriet hop into the back of a waiting wagon and she pulled a burlap bag over her for shelter. This was an important event because this showed her that there were people who were there to help her and she would get through this long tiring journey. One last significant event of Harriet Tubman 's life was when she started to tour New York, Boston and Washington, speaking in favor of women’s suffrage. She began this part of her life by educating people about black’s rights and made such a powerful impact that she then used this influence to speak about women’s rights. This was important because she started out by speaking in favor of black rights, and then she continued to do that but she also spoke in favor of women 's
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