Brief Essay: The Pyramids Of Giza

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The Pyramids Of Giza Remember those triangle things you saw on tv once, well, those things are called pyramids, and a few of them are found in Egypt like the pyramids of Giza. It all started off i]on August 23, 2470, BC, the exact day they started building the first pyramid at Giza. Not only is there just one pyramid at Giza, but there are three pyramids all with their own special features. Also, if you remember seeing a big cat close to these pyramids, don’t worry, nothing happened to your brain, that thing is just called a sphinx. Fun fact: If you jump off the top of the Great Pyramid, you would die, so don’t do it. You can also go inside these pyramids at Giza lots of days in the year. Inside of these pyramids are the bodies of the Pharaohs who wanted these built. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the first wonder out of all the seven wonders of the world. It was the largest pyramid in the world at an astonishing 146.5 meters tall, but there was a debacle, so now The Great Pyramid stands proudly at 136 meters. Firstly, The…show more content…
Though it is not a wonder of the world, it is still a popular historical monument visited by an enormous amount of people each year. The pyramid of Khafre was built in 2570 BC, which was roughly 4500 years ago. Another alluring fact about this pyramid is that it was built to last for eternity which we can all hope will happen. Unfortunately, the treasures of the pyramid were stolen by 1000 BC and even the outer casing which was made of gleaming white limestone. Next, the Pyramid of Khafre has two openings to the burial chamber, scientists think why there are two openings is because while they were making the pyramid, they assumed that it would be bigger than Khufu’s pyramid in size, but it wasn’t. There is a second chamber within the pyramid the purpose of which is unknown. With the Pyramid of Khafre, we can learn a lot more about ancient Egypt and discover fascinating
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