Brief Film Analysis: Classic Noir

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Laura one of the most notable films of classic noir directed by Otto Preminger was released in nineteen forty-four. The film consists of the basic elements of film noir; McPherson, the detective played by Dana Andrews, Laura Hunt, the femme fatale played by Gene Tierney, Waldo Lydecker, the criminal played by Clifton Webb. With these elements story of a murder takes action. It’s a murder mystery filled with suspects and a plot twist that makes the audience wonder what is happening. The film begins with Waldo Lydecker’s narration. The narration is a characteristic of Film Noir; it gives information the audience needs without showing the action. Lydecker’s narration introduces the audience to the film’s plot. A woman is shot dead without any evidence…show more content…
Lydecker recalls his first encounter with Laura at the restaurant he and McPherson are at in the scene. Laura is trying to get Lydecker to endorse a pen and he is annoyed at her for disturbing his lunch. He states that she left an impression on and went to sign the endorsement contract. During their conversation, she is shown in soft focus. Her beauty is enhanced through the use of soft focus; it makes her seem dreamlike. Within the flashback, Preminger uses a montage sequence to reveal the relationship between Laura and Lydecker. It begins with a relationship based solely on work and slowly evolves into a personal relationship. During the montage, Lydecker’s voiceover is heard. It is used to express where their relationship changes. These changes occur when Laura shows interest in other men. Jealous, Lydecker interferes with Laura’s potential love interest by steering her away from them. As he explains these incidents, his possessive character is revealed. The audience’s suspicions are raised. The close-up of McPherson as Lydecker walks away after their dinner expresses his doubt. The audience and the detective wonder if he is capable of murdering
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