Brief History Of Baseball In The 1920's

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Baseball in the 1920’s

Baseball was one of the most interesting and exciting sports during the time period known as the Golden Age. It has become very cultured by the fact that it became popular around the same time that segregation was happening. Baseball was just now starting to have a major growth period and it was starting to become a major business for some of the players. This was a time that had most people at their feet and were kind of at a desolate state. Baseball impacted the 1920’s in a big manner by the fact that it becoming a business and by it bringing families closer together.
This sport brought a lot of popularity to the players and made the sport to be known throughout the country. This was a bad time for the country because everyone was poor and the country was full of sorrow. Baseball kind of turned this around and changed the main country’s attitude to be happier. Baseball was growing so this brought a lot of money
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