Brief Overview Of Monkey Town By Ronald Kidd

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In the 1920’s in Dayton, Tennessee, a teacher named John Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution out of a state approved textbook, civic biology. He did this out of a state approved textbook that he had bought at a drugstore in town. The novel Monkey Town, is about the Scopes trials in Dayton, Tennessee where a teacher was arrested for teaching evolution and the novel portrays the moral fallouts during and afterwards. In the novel, Monkey Town by Ronald Kidd, the Scopes trial is reflected accurately as demonstrated by the way the author describes the time period, Places and people related to the trial.
One of the main ideas of the novel Monkey Town was the surrounding time period in which the novel took place. Many societal issues were …show more content…

This illustrated the conflict between the modernists and the traditionalist. The modernists believed in more lax rules and that was shown through their drinking illegal substances. The traditionalist believe the country should stay the exact same as it had for generations. The traditionalist had strong ideas about the bible also, they believed that evolution was untrue and directly conflicted the bible and should not be taught in schools. Some states, including Tennessee even had law put in place to ban the teaching in schools. John T, Scopes was accused of teaching evolution and he was convicted. He filled in for a teacher and used the civic biology textbook. In the novel, Frances’s father, F.E Robinson of Robinson’s drug store sold the book, Robinson was also the head of the school board. Naturally there was a group of people that believed otherwise. The American Civil Liberties Union begun fighting against the Butler Act because they felt that is wasn't just that evolution was outlawed. This was the group that had the ingenious idea for the test trial, like the one that George Rappleyea saw in the paper. The natural rub between the two different

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