Brief Summary: Buy Nothing Day Canada

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Canada has invented a day called "Buy Nothing Day." They have invented this day because they believe consumerism is out of control. "Buy Nothing Day" is not a good idea because people have needs, small businesses need consumers, and consumerism is a healthy part of a growing economy. Firstly, people are always in need of things. Perhaps they ran out of tissue paper or forgot to pick up something for dinner. No big deal they can always run to the store unless its "Buy Nothing Day" in which case consumers will have to wait to buy things they need. People need access to goods 24/7 so they are able to have the things they need. Even one day without being able to buy products can be potentially harmful to consumers and should not be allowed.…show more content…
With "Buy Nothing Day" these businesses will lose customers that they depend on in order to survive. Without customers, they will not have the money to maintain their businesses. This may cause them to close down and look for more stable employment, and with the growing unemployment rate finding a job may be hard. In fact, many unemployed people end up becoming homeless. Small businesses already struggle and they need to be protecting by not allowing "Buy Nothing Day" to derail their profits. Lastly, consumerism is a healthy part of a growing environment. People need to buy goods in order for businesses to have money so that the economy can continue to grow. With "Buy Nothing Day" the entire consumer market is coming to a halt which will hurt consumers and businesses. Without this flow of commerce, the economy could fail. Consumerism is needed to balance the economy. In conclusion, the idea of "Buy Nothing Day" is potentially harmful to people, businesses, and the economy. "Buy Nothing Day" is faulty because consumerism is a healthy part of the economy and should be embraces. The invention of " Buy Nothing Day" in Canada is not a suitable
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