Brief Summary: Citizen Barlow A Young African-American

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Jiacheng Liu Final paper (a)summary Citizen Barlow a young African-American, arrives in Pittsburgh and is part of the freed slaves. While working at the local mill, Citizen steals a can of nails. Another man is accused and choose suicide rather than face arrest and a life in which it is unfairly identified as a thief. Citizen wants to redeem his guilt for causing the death of one person and looking at Aunt Ester, whose healing powers are legendary. A 285-year-old aunt Esther lives in a house with Eli, his friend and protector, and Black Maria, a young woman wearing the clothes for a living and who Aunt Esther hopes to pass his powers. Eli intends to build a strong wall around the house so they can be protected, both physically and metaphorically,…show more content…
When Caesar stopped and accused of Solly starting the fire mill, Solly slapped Caesar with his stick and flees. Aunt Ester sends Citizen to find the peddler Rutherford Selig, to help smuggle Solly away. Citizen and Solly escape Caesar comes to a halt as Aunt Esther and abetting a fugitive. However, the judge released her, and she returns home. Citizen returns with the news that Caesar has soared Solly. Just then, Caesar returns, this time to detain citizens for their involvement in the failed escape Solly. In front of alll of them, Black Maria accuses his lack of compassion for others. Without speaking, Caesar left. Citizen Solly takes the cane and coat and allowed to continue the work of Solly, bringing his people to freedom. (b)analysis of conflict This show has exposed a great deal of conflict through various scenes: the conflict between Christianity and African spiritual values; between the ideal of freedom and contemporary urban reality; between personal integrity and social order. By letting go of the idea that Black Maria has to a previous state of naivety came and again a little girl, I was seen in a position that they do not regress their past, but rather, it entails a change in marriage freeing in childhood out obligations. Your newly acquired self-esteem was to fight an active state of being. It reflects the conflict of their own past and the memory of her…show more content…
In The Piano Lesson, it’s a piano, co-owned by a brother and sister, carved with the faces of two ancestors. The sister never wants to depart with the piano, and her brother, eager to buy land, wants to sell it — a conflict of preservation of history versus moving on. In the first scene of Fences, a character tries to conceal a watermelon, a device that Wilson uses to reverse the racist connotation of the watermelon-loving minstrel. The Gem of the Ocean does not approach this level of subtle but powerful

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