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Brief Summary: In 1977, Coors Banquet beer was made all natural. Without additives and preservatives, given to a very short life span of one week! A time limit of 28 hours was given to transport (bootleg) 400 cases of it from Texarkana, Texas to Atlanta, Ga. If anything went wrong, there would be no money, 400 cases of spoiled beer and a lot of wasted time. If caught, prison time or possibly dead from a shoot out! Detailed Movie Plot, continued: A wealthy bigwig and son hire a legendary trucker to bootleg beer. This particular beer couldn't be sold legally east of the Mississippi River. They offer to pay him $80,000.00 to haul 400 cases of the beer from Texas, back to Atlanta in 28 hours. The trucker accepts and engages his friend and partner…show more content…
The Texas Sheriff, ignoring jurisdiction, chases trucker all the way to Georgia with many mishaps along the way happening to his cruiser. A lengthy high-speed chase ensues, for the remainder of the film, as Trucker’s antics are picked up by more and more, state and local police across Dixie, while Trucker’s partner heads toward Atlanta with the bootleg beer. Trucker and his partner are helped out along the way via CB, by an array of people getting in on the action. “netflix” Detailed Movie Plot: There's a semi, hauling ass down the back roads from Texas to Georgia. There are 400 cases of beer in the back that has to reach its destination in 28 hours. Constantly on the lookout for State and local police along the way, why? Bootlegging! A boatload of money: if, you can get it to its destination. Prison if you get caught! The beer has a short life span so if there’s any delay of any kind, no payday... Easy as pie! Until she gets in the way! They've barely started their second run when trucker picks up a stranded woman in a vehicle, what's that she's wearing, a Wedding Gown? I don't have time for this! Damn, I can't just drive past and leave

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