Brief Summary: Father Of The American Revolution

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“... Give me liberty or give me death”. Those are the words that helped fuel The American Revolution, the fight between the Colonists and Britain. At the time Henry was unaware of the fact that his words would be some of the most famous ever spoken. Those weren’t Henry’s only famous words though; he was also known for his words. Henry was a bold lawyer, governor, and most important of all, the voice of the revolution. Henry’s early life was privileged; he had little adversity. Henry was taught basic school subjects, plus Latin, by his father as a child. Even as a child Henry was bold. At age 18 Henry married the incredibly wealthy Sarah Shelton. After getting married Henry moved in with Shelton in her large home on a plantation that had six slaves. He attempted to become a planter and work on the plantation. In 1776 Henry’s house burnt down while he working on the plantation. Henry knew after that…show more content…
Henry began studying law in 1760. He passed the Virginia bar exam just before his 24th birthday. His most famous case was called Parson’s Cause. Parson’s Cause was the case about the II Penny Act. Henry had always been strong believer in three things, Right to bear arm, Religious freedom, and Independence. Working on Parson’s Cause just strengthened his belief in those things. That was the beginning of Henry’s job as the voice of the Revolution. Henry shaped the war with his audacious words. On March 23, 1775 at St. John 's church Henry gave his famous give me liberty or give me death speech. Henry gave this speech to convince the people that the war was inevitable and that they had to fight with British. This speech said that in order to be free we had to fight. His speech worked incredibly well. Less than a month after giving his speech the war had officially begun. Patrick Henry continued to fuel the war with his words all throughout the war. Patrick Henry was one of the strongest voices during the
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